One of Montreal’s most important organized crime leaders, Gregory Woolley, now risks being vigilant, as shots mistakenly rang out at his neighbor’s house and casings were found on the ground near his residence in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in the space of three weeks.

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The first incident dates back to the beginning of the month, when neighbors reported to the authorities that they heard an explosion. While inspecting the scene, the authorities discovered a bullet hole on the front of a residence on rue des Trembles.

This is located a stone’s throw from the luxurious home of Woolley and his wife, a former contestant of the reality show Loft Story.

Then, on Wednesday, a resident of the area discovered casings on the ground, very close to the property of the influential gangster.

Targeted by mistake

After verification, the police of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu affirmed that the residence affected by the projectile had been targeted by mistake. According to our sources, Gregory Woolley, closely linked to both the Montreal mafia and the Hells Angels, was targeted in both incidents. Everything indicates that we are trying to send him a message.

Investigators have not yet made any arrests in the case.

The man whom the police consider to be “the godfather” of Montreal street gangs was released in November 2020 after a five-year sentence for gangsterism.

After several months in a halfway house, the criminal was finally able to regain his full freedom last fall. He has thus moved back into his house, which has just been put up for sale for the tidy sum of $ 3.8 million, just in time to celebrate his 50th birthday.


Woolley had been arrested as part of Operation Magot-Mastiff, which decapitated organized crime in November 2015.

According to court documents, the man of Haitian origin was the main target of this major investigation. Woolley had helped create an alliance between street gangs, the Italian mafia and the Hells Angels to control the narcotics market in the greater Montreal area. The police consider that he has completely changed the portrait of organized crime in Montreal.

Woolley also founded the Syndicates in 1998, the first street gang to work closely with the Hells Angels. He was also a member of the Rockers, the defunct biker school club controlled by Maurice “Mom” Boucher.