CaixaBank, Inditex, Mercadona, Santander, Iberdrola, Cellnex Telecom, Meliá and Nestlé complete the ‘top ten’


La Caixa Foundation, Telefónica Tech and El Corte Inglés are positioned as the companies with the best corporate social responsibility (CSR) in Spain, according to the Business Success study prepared by Advice Strategic Consultans.

The ranking of the ten large companies that stand out the most for their social commitment is completed by CaixaBank, Inditex, Mercadona, Santander, Iberdrola, Cellnex Telecom, Meliá and Nestlé.

The analysis reflects that the social commitment of companies is the factor most valued by Spaniards today and is positioned as one of the “essential” parameters for valuing companies in the context of inflation and economic recession, war in Ukraine or supply shortages.

The most valued factors to consider that a company is committed to social responsibility are help against child poverty, support for the dissemination of art and culture, collaboration in the context of the pandemic or attention to the most vulnerable people. , among others.

“The population reaches the final stretch of 2022 with the feeling that the crisis is not over and, consequently, the social responsibility of companies has become a matter of the utmost importance since the Spanish see companies as a leading actor help in difficult times”, explained the managing partner of Advice Strategic Consultants, Jorge Díaz Cardiel.

The study also collects reputation data from other sectors such as insurance, where Vidacaixa is the leader; infrastructures, with ACS at the helm; or automotive, where Seat is positioned as the company with the greatest social commitment.

La Caixa Foundation has positioned itself in the first place in the ranking due to, among other things, its dedication to the elderly and medical research against coronaviruses, as well as the search for palliative treatments. According to Cardiel, Third Sector organizations such as the La Caixa Foundation are of “primary” importance in the current context, due to their commitment to society.

For its part, Telefónica Tech stands out for promoting connectivity and committing to digital inclusion. In addition, labor equality and zero tolerance for corruption are also factors that have helped it to rank second.

Finally, El Corte Inglés is mentioned in third place in the report for being a “responsible and committed” company, with a roadmap that continuously advances towards the best practices in social, environmental and corporate governance (ESG) matters. in English).