The president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Christine Lagarde, has pointed out that, in the absence of significant changes in the data, it is likely that the entity’s Governing Council will reach the necessary consensus to lower interest rates in the summer.

“I would say that it is also probable,” Lagarde acknowledged in an interview with Bloomberg TV when asked about the expectations that point to a first cut in the price of money in the eurozone this summer, although the Frenchwoman has stressed the need to be prudent. in this regard, since the ECB depends on data in its decisions.

In this sense, the president of the ECB has warned that there is still a level of uncertainty surrounding the situation “and some indicators that are not anchored at the level at which we would like to see them”, as is the case with inflation in services, the main sector of the European economy, where prices rise by 4%.

Likewise, Lagarde has insisted on the importance of continuing to collect information on the evolution of salaries in the euro zone, which is why she has scheduled it for the end of spring, when the results of the ongoing collective negotiations are known.

“We will probably know much more in April or May, because the figures and negotiation agreements are negotiated in the first quarter of each year. And the results arrive once the agreements are closed. That will be a strong indication,” he said.

In any case, the Frenchwoman recalled that the Governing Council generally ends up coming together in its decisions “based on data” and, regarding the different points of view within the Council, she pointed out that the national bankers of each State have their local internal data and their respective inflation rates. “If you look at Portugal, if you look at Germany, it will be different, obviously,” she noted.