François Legault promises to send another check to Quebecers if he is re-elected on October 3.

The CAQ prances more than ever in the lead of voting intentions. Helped by the $500 he paid to taxpayers and the end of wearing a mask, François Legault has regained the support he lost at the start of the year and is sailing towards a landslide victory, the most recent Léger poll revealed. -The newspaper.

Never mind. Three months before the election is called, the Prime Minister is promising citizens another boost to deal with the rising cost of gas, housing and groceries. This financial assistance will however be sent after the fall election, if he is reappointed.

“By the end of 2022, we will send a new check, obviously, if we are elected, he launched to his liberal rival. There will be an election campaign, the Liberal Party proposes to remove sales taxes on certain products, we prefer the approach of giving a check and letting Quebecers choose!”

Liberal leader Dominique Anglade accuses the CAQ government of turning a deaf ear to the real concerns of Quebecers, who are grappling with a housing and cost of living crisis, coupled with a serious labor shortage.

During the CAQ convention held last weekend in Drummondville, the Prime Minister instead invented a crisis from scratch about immigration, she laments. “He finally went to tell us that the survival of Quebec depended on family reunification, she cursed. He even went so far as to mention Louisiana!”

François Legault admits that the check sent to Quebecers who earn less than $100,000 a year in his government’s latest budget will not be enough to deal with inflation “which is exceptionally high”.

“We had estimated the impact at $500, we realize that it is more than that. So, we will have the opportunity, during the election campaign, each of the parties, to explain what we are going to do by the end of 2022”, he insisted.