We are definitely in consensus that cleaning a vaping device is not an easy task. Unfortunately, we cannot make it exciting, but we can show you how to do it fast to get done with it in no time. Therefore this article will take you through how to clean your CBD vaping device. Ensure you get the flavours as they are without feeling any awful smell or taste in your mouth. Furthermore, hygiene is vital. A dirty vaping device can pre dispose you to certain infections since it harbours bacteria if not cleaned properly. Here are some quick, straightforward ways you can use to clean your device.

Quick rinsing

It is the most basic method of cleaning your tool, and the principal cleaning agent used is water. However, before cleaning using water, note that coils easily get damaged, and thus, not even a drop of water should land on it. So, you need to separate the tank from all other parts starting with the coil head for this method.

 Additionally, be cautious about removing the O-rings since they hold many flavours and may be easily destroyed during washing. After disassembling your device, place your tank in a bowl containing warm water and rinse the inside to remove any trash left inside. After which, you can pass it through running tap water for the final rinse.

Deep Cleaning Using Alcohol.

The most effective deep cleaning agent is isopropyl alcohol. It’s the best for cleaning the battery section and the mouthpiece. When using this agent, you also have to disassemble your device and dispose any liquid remaining in the tank. Pour the isopropyl alcohol or non-flavoured vodka into cloth to make it damp, and then use it to scrub the tank. After which, you can rinse your tank with water and leave it to dry.  

Isopropyl alcohol is also effective in cleaning vaporizers. However, if the substance in your vape is oil-based, it’s best to clean the vaporizer using warm water and soap. For the battery section, dampen cotton and wipe the section where the battery connects to the tank to remove any grime. Next, dampen cotton again with alcohol and clean the mouthpiece.

Nonetheless, if you’d instead drink your alcohol and not use it for cleaning, you can opt for vinegar and baking soda, which work almost the same way as alcohol by cleansing the grime. The ultimate goal is to have your device clean and maintain flavours. So you can use either of these methods to achieve that.

Final Take

It’s better to get a new vaping tool rather than clean the one you have. But what of the days you are financially strained and cannot afford one. Then, you will be forced to clean the one you have. Therefore it’s best to understand how to go about it for when you need to do it. If you want to continue enjoying your flavours as they are, take some time off your schedule and show your device some love.