I’m in a three-year relationship, we’ve been great, had occasional fights, but nothing super dramatic.

He recently told me that a friend from when he was 13 had reached out to him, and he deleted the message because he knows how I feel.

He said that if she messages him again, he’d let me do whatever I want, so today I decided to find her (on kik) and block her so we’re not waiting on her to text him again.

When I asked him for his kik messaging login information, he said he didn’t remember.

He said he feels I’m showing that I don’t trust him, even though he said I could handle it.

Am I overreacting?

Not Waiting For Her

You’re both “overreacting,” but what matters is, why?

Since he “knows how (you) feel” about another female randomly contacting him, he shouldn’t be surprised.

For your part, either you have cause from past situations to cut off anyone who’s trolling towards your guy, or you have a trust issue in general.

What’s needed is a simple discussion: Are you two in a committed relationship?

If yes, he tells the friend he hasn’t contacted since age 13 that he’s in a relationship. You get to see his message on kik and her response.

But if he’s still stalling you, there’s more to talk about together, including what you each want and expect from each other in this relationship and what’s not acceptable.

I’ve been married 26 years, together 32. I love my husband very much, but it hasn’t been an easy life and I take responsibility for my part in it.

We had 15 great years, and three unhappy children who turned out to be amazing adults, even after all the horrible things they witnessed.

There were years of drug and alcohol abuse for both of us. And domestic abuse against me. I’m still verbally abused by my husband.

Yet we’re still together.

I’m not a perfect wife, but I’m faithful and loving.

However, it’s also been years of being accused of cheating with multiple men. I couldn’t leave the house but for work, and I’ve been unable to have friends.

I can’t even visit my own children, who don’t want him in their lives harassing them.

He never stops saying that I’m a liar and if I just told the truth he could move on.

Then he wonders why I show him no love, sex or attention. It’s because I’m so hurt and mad, but mostly really sad.

Somebody tell me why l stay.

Need Help

He’s isolated you. But you’ve written this because you don’t want to take it anymore.

A life of abuse and fear is dangerous, since your husband can turn on you whenever he chooses.

And it’s diminishing to everything else you can still be and do, including seeing your children.

I urge you to find a safe plan for making positive change in your life.

First do some research online at a neutral place like a library. A shelter for abused women or a YWCA program for women seeking safety are places to start asking questions about how to protect yourself while considering a move.

This is about saving yourself from further harm — emotionally and physically.

Do not threaten to leave, nor confide in anyone but a counsellor whom you find through your private and careful search.

You only need to find a phone number and make your inquiries during a live conversation.

Tip of the day

When a random text from a long-ago friend stirs up trouble, it’s the relationship that needs discussing.

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