MOVIES 2020 – In the whole of France, the cinemas were reopened on Monday, June 22. The point on the outputs to see at this date and in the coming weeks.

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[updated the 22 June 2020 at 9: 35 am] The long-awaited moment has arrived : the cinemas have reopened this Monday, June 22, in the whole of France. Nevertheless, the return to the halls will not be exactly as before, as there will be many health rules to follow, particularly the alienation of one seat between each member of the audience or the online reservations preferred. However, many of the films are to be seen. Include productions already on display when the rooms have closed on the 14th march last and which are not outputs in the VOD and SVOD during the confinement. This refers in particular to De Gaulle, A Mermaid in Paris, A son, or Radioactive, which have benefited only a few days of operation.