After three months of closure, the cinemas were re-opened in the whole of France. We will explain the health regulations that you will need to comply with.

Summary Date of reopening of the theaters The movies to see the re-opening hygiene Measures

[updated June 22, 2020 at 15h43] movie theaters have officially reopened their doors on Monday, 22 June, to the delight of moviegoers who flocked to midnight screenings. The rooms in the whole of France have the permission to reopen, after more than three months of closure due to the crisis of health for the coronavirus. Spectators and operators must still comply with several rules of hygiene before going into the dark rooms. Wearing a mask is compulsory for the viewer in the corridors and the common parts of the property. However, it is possible to remove it as soon as you sit in the room. Online bookings will also be preferred in order to avoid a maximum contact, and the distance of one seat between each member of the audience is to respect, except for the people who come in a group (couple, friends, family,…).

The measures of hygiene are also binding for persons working in the cinema, but seem to soften as time passes. The minister of Culture, Franck Riester announced this Sunday at the microphone of Europe 1 that the observance of the half-meter will not be compulsory in the rooms, that is to say, they can be filled to more than 50% of their capacity, contrary to what was announced in the last few weeks. The cinemas will have to be scrupulously cleaned, the sessions in the adjoining rooms will be staggered to avoid the influx of spectators, and employees, are hidden, to avoid crosses between individuals in the same room or different rooms. Later in this article, we will recap all of these sanitary rules, but also the list of movies that everyone can see.

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25 movies to see this summer after the reopening of theaters

Everything you need to know about the reopening of the theaters Date of reopening of cinemas in France

After several months of closure due to the Covid-19, the theatres of France have re-opened on Monday 22 June 2020. Edouard Philippe had posted their closing on the 14th of march last, a few days before the start of the containment, in order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. During the first stage of the plan of déconfinement on 11 may, the government had chosen to keep them closed.

movies to see from the June 22, 2020

on the occasion of the reopening of the cinemas on Monday, 22 June, many movies are displayed. The audience will thus have the choice to celebrate their return in dark rooms. Among them are some of the films shown during the closure, who have not completed their operation. Some productions come out as early as this Monday, June 22, allowing the movie-goers who have seen many feature-length films in march to discover what’s new. We made the point below about the movies to see the 22 June in cinema :

what’s new at the poster :

Be Natural : the untold story of Alice Guy-Blaché

released on Monday, June 22, 2020

Pamela B Green

Alice Guy-Blaché, the first filmmaker of fiction (all genders) and founder of his own production company, author of more than 100 films…


released on Monday, June 22, 2020

Nora Fingscheidt with Helena Zengel , Albrecht Schuch , Gabriela Maria Schmeide , Lisa Hagmeister , Victoria Trauttmansdorff , Maryam Zaree

Benni, who hates that we call it by its real name, Bernadette, was only nine years old, but it has already exhausted all the reception structures for children…

Canción sin nombre

released on Monday, June 22, 2020

De Melina León with Pamela Mendoza , Tommy Párraga , Lucio A Rojas , Maykol Hernández , Lucio A. Rojas , Ruth Armas

Peru, at the height of the political crisis of the 80’s. Georgina is expecting her first child. Without resources, she answers the ad for a clinic that…

Daughters of joy

released on Monday, June 22, 2020

Anne Paulicevich , Frédéric Fonteyne with Sara Forestier , Noémie Lvovsky , Annabelle Lengronne , Jonas Bloquet , Salome Dewaels

Axelle, Dominique and Conso share a secret. They lead a double life. They can be found every morning in the parking lot of the city to take…

Green Boys

released on Monday, June 22, 2020

Of Ariane Doublet

This is a story of encounters, a story of friendship. In the middle of fields of flax and pasture with views of the sea, into the Country of Caux, Louka 13…

I’ll catch the moon

released on Monday, June 22, 2020

Laurent Boileau

with trisomy 21, Stephanie, Robin, Elise, Gilles-Emmanuel, Eleanor and Mario have fought hard to win their independence. The objectives of these…

wild Youth

released on Monday, June 22, 2020

Frédéric Carpentier with Pablo Cobo , Darren Muselet , Leone Francis

The Shadow of Stalin

released on Monday, June 22, 2020

From Agnieszka Holland with James Norton , Vanessa Kirby , Peter Sarsgaard , Joseph Mawle , Kenneth Cranham , Celyn Jones

1933. Gareth Jones was the first foreign journalist to share a flight in a zeppelin, with Hitler and to obtain an interview which earned him the recognition…

The Little mole loves nature

released on Monday, June 22, 2020

Of Zdenek Miler

Compilation of short films for a young audience. Conscious of the environment and the preservation of nature, The Little Mole and his friends…

Capital in The Twenty-first century

released on Monday, June 22, 2020

Justin Pemberton , Thomas Piketty

The director gives his visual reading of the treaty of economics, Thomas Piketty. Sold over 3 million copies and acclaimed throughout the world,…

My name is clitoris

released on Monday, June 22, 2020

Daphne Leblond , Lisa Billuart Monet

Twelve young women of 20 to 25 years and recount the journey of their sexuality since childhood. In their bedroom, facing the camera, they are directed to the two…


released on Monday, June 22, 2020

By Joao Nuno Pinto with Joao Nunes Monteiro , Sebastian Jehkul , Filipe Duarte , Josefina Massango

Because he dream to leave Portugal to live a life full of adventures, Zacarias, 17, decides to enlist in the Portuguese army in 1917…

We, the dogs

released on Monday, June 22, 2020

Oh Sung-yoon , Lee Choon-baek

The dog is the best friend of man. Loving, faithful… but when he gets older, or behaves poorly, he is abandoned like a handkerchief dirty….

Perro Bomba

released on Monday, June 22, 2020

Juan Caceres with Daniel Antivilo , Alfredo Castro , Blanca Lewin , Erto Pantoja , Gaston Salgado

Steevens, a Haitian, leads a simple life and stable in Chile. Junior, his childhood friend, arrives in Chile. Steevens finds him work, but Junior is…

The Demon Inside

released on Monday, June 22, 2020

From Pearry Reginald Teo with Robert Kazinsky , Peter Jason , Hannah Ward , Caden Dragomer , Douglas Spain , Eileen Dietz

Joel, recently widowed, is struggling to make ends meet. Nothing wrong with a social worker the threat of removing him from the custody of her son….

The Great Green Wall

released on Monday, June 22, 2020

The singer and activist Inna Modja travels through Senegal, Mali, Nigeria, Niger, and Ethiopia, along the Great Green Wall of Africa. This…

The Hunt

released on Monday, June 22, 2020

Craig Zobel

After “Westworld”, “The Leftovers” and “American Gods”, the filmmaker Craig Zobel proposes an action movie on the big screen. This is Jason Blum (“Paranormal…

Visions shamanic : territories-forgotten

released on Monday, June 22, 2020

David Paquin

The Fangs of Gabon and the Shipibos in Peru, following the precepts of shamanism with the help of traditional instruments, such as the mogongo (arc mouth)…

The films already on the poster back to the cinema :

10 days without mom

Exit Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Ludovic Bernard with Franck Dubosc , Aure Atika , Alice David , Alexis Michalik , Héléna Noguerra , Ilan Debrabant

Everything is going well in the professional life of Antoine. HRD in a large home improvement retailer, it is popular in its hierarchy and is on the point of being…

De Gaulle

Output Wednesday, march 4, 2020

Gabriel Le Bomin with Lambert Wilson , Isabelle Carré , Olivier Gourmet , Andrew Bicknell , Sophie Quinton , Catherine Mouchet

In June 1940, marshal Pétain wants to stop the armed struggle against Germany. The president of the council Paul Reynaud, and General de Gaulle want to continue…

Ducobu 3.0

Exit Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Elie Semoun with Elie Semoun , Mathys Wholesale , Emilie Caen , france, Frederique Bel , Loïc Legendre , François Levantal

This year, the teacher Latouche enrage again Dubocu, cheater inveterate and eternal redoubling. This one has the competition this year…


Output Wednesday, march 4, 2020

Dan Scanlon with Chris Pratt , Tom Holland , Pio Marmaï , Thomas Solivérès

years ago, the magic reigned supreme in the world of the elves. Unicorns and mermaids thrived in an enchanting world. This…

Invisible Man

Exit Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Leigh Whannell with Elisabeth Moss , Oliver Jackson-Cohen , Storm Reid , Aldis Hodge , Harriet Dyer , Amali Golden

Cecilia Kass has long suffered the violence of his companion, a brilliant and rich scientist. One night, she flees and takes refuge with her…

the Call of the Forest

Exit Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Chris Sanders with Harrison Ford , Dan Stevens , Karen Gillan , Bradley Whitford , Colin Woodell , Cara Gee

“The Call of The Wild” is a new adaptation of “the call of the Forest” by Jack London. The film (and the novel) tells the adventures of Buck,…

The Spirit of family

released on Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

Eric Besnard with Guillaume De Tonquédec , François berléand with his , Josiane Balasko , Isabelle Carré , Jeremy Lopez , Marie-Julie Baup

Alexander gets confused once again with his father, Jacques. A priori, it should not, because this last one just passed away, but James, or rather…

The Good Wife

Output Wednesday, march 11, 2020

Martin Provost with Juliette Binoche , Yolande Moreau , Noémie Lvovsky , Edouard Baer , François berléand with his , Anamaria Vartolomei

notice the fireplace and give in to the conjugal duties without moufter : it is this that teaches with passion Paulette Van Der Beck in his school housewife. Certainties of the…


Exit Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Olivier Van Hoofstadt with Michaël Youn , Alban Ivanov , Florence Foresti , Sarah Suco , Corinne Masiero , François berléand with his

To get by financially, Willy and his buddy Tony, endette’s birth, have a idea e de ge nie : flying a dog to the brigade of stups. But,…


Output Wednesday, march 4, 2020

Philippe Guillard with Gérard Lanvin , Olivier Marchal , Camille Aguilar , Jean-François Cayrey , Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu , Anne Girouard

Andre Morales, former captain of the gendarmerie, psycho, and Teddy Bardolino, the former boss of clubs in Latin America, are two grandfathers explosive…


Output Wednesday, march 11, 2020

Marjane Satrapi with Rosamund Pike , Sam Riley , Aneurin Barnard , Jonathan Aris , Corey Johnson , Harriet Turnbull

Paris in the late 19th century. Mary, of Polish origin, wants to get started in science. Mauled in a world of men, it develops the theory of…

Sonic the hedgehog

Outlet Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Jeff Fowler, with Jim Carrey , James Marsden , Neal McDonough , Adam Pally , Tika Sumpter

one of biggest stars of video games of the 1990s arrives on the big screen : Sonic the Hedgehog. This is Tim Miller (“Deadpool”) and Jeff Fowler…

A son

Output Wednesday, march 11, 2020

Mehdi Barsaoui with Sami Bouajila , Youssef Khemiri , Najla Ben Adballah , Noomen Hamda , Slah Msadek , Qassine Rawane

Farès and Meriem form with Aziz, their 9 year old son, a tunisian family modern outcome of a life of privilege. During a trip in the south of the…

A Mermaid in Paris

Output Wednesday, march 11, 2020

De Mathias Malzieu with Nicolas Duvauchelle , Marilyn Lima , Rossy de Palma , Romane Bohringer , Alexis Michalik

June 2016, the Seine is in flood. Gaspard Snow makes a funny encounter on the docks. At the foot of the Flowerburger, the houseboat cabaret where sings, he falls in…


Output Wednesday, march 11, 2020

Of Lorcan Finnegan with Imogen Poots , Jesse Eisenberg , Jonathan Aris , Senan Jennings , Olga Wehrly , Danielle Ryan

In search of a home, Gemma and Tom, a young couple, ordinary, are driven by a real estate agent a bit toqué in a subdivision disembodied…

What hygiene measures to observe for the spectators ?

The cinema re-opened in France on Monday, 22 June. However, things will not be exactly as before the confinement, as a health protocol lays down the measures to be taken both for the rooms and for the public. Among them, the port of the mask is recommended for spectators, distances are imposed between the spectators, and online bookings are preferred to avoid any contact. You below summarizes the measures of hygiene must be respected in cinemas from the 22nd June :

wearing a mask is strongly recommended for guests in the lobby and circulation space The port mask is not required in the room for the spectators, A place will be left vacant and the other of each viewer that are not in the same group (family, couple,…) people who came together (families, couples, etc) can sit side-by-side as a vacant place is left of the group in the room To avoid contact, it is recommended to buy the tickets on the Internet or in contactless payment to the caisse, the spectators are asked to respect a physical distance of one meter with the other spectators, prevention messages and health will be broadcast on screens before sessions