Liquid Diamonds Raises Rs. 9 Crores in Funding

Liquid Diamonds, a technology startup based in Mumbai, India, has successfully raised Rs. 9 Crores ($1.1M) in funding. This significant investment is set to propel the company towards substantial growth and expansion in the diamond industry.

Founded by Kashyap Mehta, Mark Molloy, and Chetan Gupta, Liquid Diamonds offers a B2B diamond sourcing platform that aims to revolutionize the way diamonds are bought and sold. With offices in New York and Mumbai, the company is focused on bringing price transparency and liquidity to the diamond market, providing buyers with the opportunity to purchase diamonds at fair market value quickly and easily.

The recent funding round saw support from prominent backers, including Varun Alagh of Mamaearth, Aakrit Vaish of Haptik, and Miten Sampat of CRED. With this financial backing, Liquid Diamonds is gearing up to expand its operations and enhance its business reach, solidifying its position as a key player in the industry.

Through its patented universal continuous double auction technology, Liquid Diamonds ensures that buyers receive the best possible price by fostering open competition among suppliers. Additionally, the platform offers a SaaS-based pricing co-pilot for diamond suppliers, utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help them price their diamonds competitively.

As Liquid Diamonds embarks on this new phase of growth and development, the company is poised to make a significant impact on the diamond industry, offering a seamless and efficient platform for diamond and jewelry businesses. With a focus on innovation and transparency, Liquid Diamonds is set to redefine the way diamonds are sourced and traded in the market.

In conclusion, the successful funding round of Rs. 9 Crores marks a major milestone for Liquid Diamonds, positioning the company for accelerated growth and success in the dynamic diamond industry. Stay tuned for more updates as Liquid Diamonds continues to make waves in the world of diamond sourcing and trading.