Russia’s invasion of Ukraine reaches its 100th day on Friday, an offensive that has seen Moscow seize 20% of Ukrainian territory and focuses on the Donbass region and its strategic city of Severodonetsk .

6:08 am | “Victory will be ours,” says Zelensky on 100th day of Russian invasion

5:42 | 100 days of Russian invasion: Ukraine ‘moves’ towards ‘European family’

Ukraine is “advancing” towards “the European family”, while Russia is “getting closer to a life behind the ‘iron curtain'”, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Chmygal said on Friday on the 100th day of the Russian invasion.

4:18 | The war in Ukraine “will have no winner”, judges the UN

The war in Ukraine “will have no winner” judged the UN coordinator in the country on Friday, on the 100th day of the Russian invasion.

0h45 | ‘A safe winter’: Belgrade strengthens gas ties with Moscow

At a time when the Europeans are trying to isolate Russia and somehow wean themselves off its fossil fuels, Serbia is tightening its relations with Moscow through a Russian gas deal.