The City of Longueuil announced on Monday an investment of $100 million in 2022 to improve parks and bike paths and renovate public infrastructure.

Of the amount injected, $54 million will be devoted to urban infrastructure, including $13 million in parks, while $35 million will be invested in the environment and water management sector.

Claiming to be concerned with improving the living environments of the communities, the administration of Mayor Catherine Fournier has released an amount of $10 million to be injected into the mobility and safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

The investment covers nearly 180 projects, including the repair of the service road on Taschereau Boulevard eastbound and the redevelopment of the playgrounds in Laurier, Léo-Ayotte, Boismenu and Geais-Bleus parks.

“By investing […] in the safety and mobility of citizens, in particular by adding cycling links as well as in their living environments by replacing playgrounds and ball fields in parks, Longueuil promotes well-being, community life and the practice of sports and recreation,” said Nathalie Delisle, president of the City’s Committee on Social Development and Citizen Relations.

“The environment, water and active mobility remain our priorities and they are reflected in these investments,” added Jonathan Tabarah, vice-president of the executive committee and responsible for finance and infrastructure, housing, town planning and heritage.