Danish container shipping giant A.P. Moller-Maersk has ordered all the company’s ships that had paused their routes through the Red Sea since last Friday to divert to Africa, through the Cape of Good Hope, as announced by the multinational.

“For safety reasons, all ships that had previously paused and were due to sail through the region will now be diverted around Africa via the Cape of Good Hope,” the company confirmed, indicating that the ships will continue their travel on the diverted routes “as soon as operationally feasible.”

Until yesterday, the Danish company had approximately 20 ships that had stopped their transits in the area, half of them were waiting east of the Gulf of Aden and the rest were waiting south of Suez in the Red Sea or north of Suez in the sea. Mediterranean.

Likewise, Maersk has warned that for all future planned vessel voyages through the Red Sea area and the Gulf of Aden, “a case-by-case assessment will be carried out to determine whether adjustments are necessary, including diversions to through the Cape of Good Hope and other contingency measures”.

On the other hand, the multinational has highlighted the rapid reaction of world governments with joint efforts in matters of international maritime security and the creation of capacity in the area to present a solution that allows transit through the Red Sea region and the Gulf to return. of Aden and through the Suez Canal in the near future.

However, the Dane has warned that at this stage it remains difficult to determine exactly when that will be, so in the meantime the route through the Cape of Good Hope will ultimately provide faster and more predictable results for customers. and their supply chains.

Maersk remains committed to working closely with industry partners and international entities to seek a resolution and do everything possible to restore the flow of goods and minimize disruption to global supply chains.