Minsait, Indra’s consulting and information technology subsidiary, made 15,300 contracts in 2022, of which 4,000 corresponded to Spain, and plans to make 17,000 new hires this year, 5,000 of them nationwide, as reported in a statement .

To reinforce the value of its contracts, the technology company has launched the ‘More digital, More human’ initiative, a commitment with which it will seek to connect business, technology and people.

Minsait presented the proposal this week at an internal event open to the 44,600 people who are part of the team around the world, to transfer its double digital and international commitment to the workforce in a stage of growth.

“At Minsait, technology is a key element of who we are, but so are people,” said Minsait’s global director of Talent, Sofía Collado. “We have professionals of more than 60 nationalities who develop challenging and pioneering technological projects in the industry, which generate a positive and sustainable impact on society, business and people”, she added.

To continue advancing in the development of these technologies, Minsait will hire STEM profiles from university degrees such as Computer Engineering, Telecommunications or Mathematics, as well as middle and higher degrees of Vocational Training cycles related to this field.

“We have a flexible growth model, designed so that each person finds their own path of personal and professional development in an environment that allows them to reconcile work and professional life,” said Collado, highlighting the diversity and equity present in the company template.

The Minsait model reaches 100% teleworking in many cases, offers high internal mobility between sectors or areas of specialization and is committed to a global delivery capacity that allows professionals to work remotely for international projects.

Minsait also has multiple agreements with large technology companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google to transform businesses through digitization projects and migration to the public cloud, taking advantage of the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and ‘big data’.

These alliances are joined by other technological partners, both large companies and ‘startups’ and ‘fintech’, which contribute to the attractiveness of Minsait as a professional environment to develop a multifaceted technological career.

Minsait’s value proposition towards talent is based on four levers: a transcendent use of technology, the generation of a positive and sustainable impact, the empowerment of people and an inspiring growth model.

These levers are translated into different training initiatives such as the ‘Smart Start’ programs, which offer up to two years of support for young talent, and Udemy for Business, which makes more than 6,000 updated content available for development to all Minsait professionals. of their capabilities.

Minsait also has different career plans to develop the potential, strategic vision and leadership capacity of the company’s professionals, thus allowing them to reach positions of responsibility within the firm.

On the other hand, the company has reinforced this year its commitment to an inclusive and diverse policy with the signing of the Equality Plan and the launch of the 2023 Diversity Plan in its five dimensions (Gender, Functional, Cultural, Sex-affective and Generational).