The success rate for the famous test of Quebec values ​​imposed on immigration candidates by the Legault government is stratospheric: 99.93% of people were a hit.

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“What is the official language of Quebec? English? Spanish? French ? French and English ? »

This is an example taken from the online assessment of attestation of Quebec values ​​which includes twenty multiple-choice questions that foreigners must answer to obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate, since January 1, 2020.

Electoral promise of François Legault, the controversial test of CAQ values ​​caused a stir during the last campaign. But much less since its establishment.

Unable to reach an agreement with the federal government, the CAQ government had finally opted to impose an examination on immigration candidates even before their arrival in Quebec. This scenario avoided Ottawa being responsible for expelling those who fail.

three chances

Just over 39,600 people have taken the assessment so far. According to the most recent available figures obtained by our Parliamentary Office, there were only 225 failures on the first attempt, a result that is close to perfect.

The pass mark is set at 75% and candidates have three chances to pass the test, before having to go through the entire immigration process again. French, equality between men and women and the secularism of the State are among the topics discussed.

“The overall success rate is 99.93%. […] I confirm that no one had to resume immigration procedures because of failure to certify, ”said Ariane Méthot, spokeswoman for the Quebec Immigration Department.


And if some fail on their first attempt, the government is doing everything to help them pass the retakes of the exam, assured Minister Jean Boulet, during the study of the credits of his ministry.

“They will be able to benefit from support to redo the test and ensure that they can pass it. There is no one who is left behind, who does not benefit from a framework to allow him to succeed well, ”he replied to his liberal vis-à-vis.

MP Saul Polo was worried about the fate of those who don’t get enough marks.

“We are going to put in place all the facilitating means, insisted the minister. They will pass the next test.”


1. In Quebec, women and men have the same rights and this equality is enshrined in law.

2. Choose the illustration or illustrations that represent the people who have the right to marry in Quebec.

3. Identify the situation or situations where there is discrimination. Refuse a job:

4. Since March 27, 2019, under the State Secularism Act, any new police officer cannot wear religious symbols while performing their duties.

5. What is the official language of Quebec?