The players returned to training on Friday after a well-timed five-day break.

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“It always feels good to switch off a bit and take your mind off things because we have been going on since the match against Santos Laguna and even the preseason. It puts the battery back to 100% and we are ready to leave, ”says Mathieu Choinière.

What we could notice on Friday was the number of absentees. Samuel Piette, Kamal Miller and Alistair Johnston are all with Canada’s national team. Lassi Lappalainen (Finland), Ahmed Hamdi (Egypt) and Romell Quioto (Honduras) are also in the national team.

“It means the team is doing well and that’s the reward the players get,” said Kei Kamara.

Finally a break

Since it is about Kamara, he experienced a first with this long leave.

“I’ve been on my national team for the last 15 years so I was always gone. Eventually I got a few days off and went to Kansas to see my family. It was good even if it was short.

“The children are still in school, but as soon as they finish they will move here to enjoy the summer. I will send them back as soon as it starts to get cold. »