young politician was expelled from the LR party. For those responsible for the latter, these positions are no longer “compatible” with the political line of the LR. The 26-year-old politician is currently mobilizing on the ground to defend Eric Zemmour, specify our colleagues. 

11:00 – Édouard Philippe “is not in the right” of Zemmour

In the columns of the Journal du dimanche, this October 10, 2021, the former Prime Minister Édouard Philippe mentioned Éric Zemmour. Asked if the latter is the “candidate of the RPR”, he replied: “I do not find myself at all in the right that he claims to embody, nor do I recognize in his remarks the RPR of Jacques Chirac and Alain Juppé or the UMP of Nicolas Sarkozy.”

10:10 – Eric Zemmour’s candidacy soon announced? 

According to RTL information, the polemicist is expected to announce his presidential candidacy in four to five weeks. “It would be ridiculous to wait until after November 15th. The shooting window is between now and mid-November”, confides a close friend of Eric Zemmour to our colleagues. “I don’t see how it holds beyond four to five weeks yet,” adds another.

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The journalist is not hiding it, he will play a role in this presidential campaign. On August 28th, he said without an eyebrow that he “wanted” to unite the right. For now, it is as an essayist that he wants to go to “la rencontre des Français”. It was to promote his book, multiply signings and even public meetings that he decided at the beginning of September to put on hold his collaboration with Le Figaro. The newspaper had set him a red line a few weeks ago: if his political intentions were too assertive, he should stop commenting on the news in the media. Guest of France 2 Saturday, September 11, in Laurent Ruquier’s show “On est en direct”, Eric Zemmour has apparently been violent for not announcing his candidacy. However, he suggested that the announcement was only a matter of time. “For now, I am not a candidate. When I want to be a candidate, I will say that I am a candidate. When I decide, I’ll say it. For now, I’m thinking. There are people, for months, for years, who have been pushing me to be a candidate, who think that it is I who have the right ideas for France,” he said. He reiterated this position in mid-September on RTL, BFMTV and CNews. On September 28, Le Parisien revealed that Eric Zemmour already has at his disposal a large rural premises, in the eighth arrondissement of Paris, rented by the association of friends of Eric Zemmour.

What are the results of the polls on Eric Zemmour?

Will Eric Zemmour come and blast the presidential campaign and reshuffle all the cards? While he did not declare himself a candidate in the election, the polemicist is identified as an actor in political life, especially since he multiplies the trips and speeches. Direct consequence: pollsters include it in their opinion surveys. And his presence shows a real attraction of a part of the voters for the one who comes to walk on the identity field whose (quasi) monopoly hitherto belonged to Marine Le Pen. But the ideas of the former journalist infuse in public opinion. To the point that, just credited with 5.5% of the vote on June 9 (Ifop poll), Eric Zemmour rose to 17% in a Harris Interactive survey unveiled on October 6, thus qualifying for the second round ahead of Marine Le Pen. Unr result for the hour isolated. Because since mid-September, he has stagnated on average around 13%, neck-and-neck with Xavier Bertrand, surpassing any other LR candidate and trailing Marine Le Pen.

Inevitably, to the right of the right, and more specifically to the RN, the idea that Eric Zemmour could weaken Marine Le Pen’s campaign annoys. Especially since according to a YouGov poll for the Internet, dated February, the polemicist is perceived as a better candidate for the sovereignist right by right-wing sympathizers.

Eric Zemmour on the front page of Paris Match

On Thursday, September 23, 2021, Paris Match put up for sale its weekly issue with, on the cover, a photo of Eric Zemmour bathing in the sea, alongside his advisor Sarah Knafo. A cliché that, since its publication, continues to fuel discussions on the link between the possible candidate for the 2022 presidential election and the one who is of all his travels. “Understudy, smiling and collegial”, “woman of the shadow”, “the one who whispers in the ear of Eric Zemmour” … Over the pages, the weekly draws the portrait of this 28-year-old Enarque, invested in 2016 with Henri Guaino when he was considering starting the race for the Elysee and who was laid off from her post at the Court of Auditors in early September to devote herself to the likely presidential destiny of the polemicist. Here also unveiled that same day an investigation, even evoking an “idyll” between the two.

The investigation conducted by Paris Match was not to the liking of Eric Zemmour. He lambasted the magazine, calling it a “poodle of power, trying to harm [him]”, not without being moved by “starting to worry enough”, while the latest Harris Interactive poll for Challenges credits him with 13% of voting intentions in the first round of the presidential election. His lawyers have also