However, the spokesperson said that they haven’t seen anything that could indicate a breakthrough in negotiations.

Other takeaways

“There is much work ahead.”

“Peace talks must be held in private. They won’t get into what is actually being discussed.”

“Crimea is part Russia, and the Russian constitution prohibits any discussions about Russian regions’ fate with anyone.”

“Senior legislators’ idea of asking foreign countries to pay for a wide variety of Russian exports in rubles should be considered.”

“This idea is in Russia’s national and partner interests.”

“Dollar’s status as the principal global reserve currency has diminished, so settlements in national currencies will be more common.”

Public announcement of “Gas-for–Rubles” payment method

“Russia won’t immediately demand gas payments in rubles, but promises gradual change.”

Reaction of the market

These remarks have caused a market slump and the Euro Stoxx 600 Index lost 0.7% at the last check.