In January public school superintendents, at the behest of the Pennsylvania School Boards Association, sent letters to parents of children enrolled in public school in an attempted to discredit and malign legislation that would eliminate school property taxes, encouraging them to call legislators and oppose it. Mind you, the letters were not sent to all homeowners or property owners who are forced to pay this tax.

I have read many letters from superintendents of school districts across the state and without exception, I observed two things common in all letters. The superintendents want to maintain the ability to increase school budgets and raise taxes every year.

They have no concern for whether homeowners or property owners can afford it.
Superintendents are paid generous six-figure salaries along with Cadillac health care benefits and the opportunity to get thousands of dollars in bonuses, all paid for by the money Casino Siteleri confiscated from homeowners. They are a like-minded collective and would rather keep an archaic, regressive, cruel and inhumane system of taxation that has evolved into tyranny which cannot be reformed but only eliminated.

The Property Tax Independence Act (HB/SB 76) would eliminate school property taxes and shift the way schools are funded through an increase in the income and sales tax, expanding the list of products and services covered by the sales tax. This would spread the funding of public schools fairly among all citizens of the state and visitors to the state.

Ed Kihm

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