The Wind Energy Association (AEE) has considered that the proposal presented this Tuesday by the European Commission on the new electricity market is “on the right track” for the energy transition by offering consumers the lowest price of renewable electricity, according to a statement PREPA this Wednesday.

Specifically, the association has positively valued the freedom of energy buyers and sellers to opt for different forward contract schemes, such as contracts for difference (CfD) or power purchases (PPAs).

For PREPA, the formalization of PPAs is “particularly” good news, since it considers that it has “great development potential” for financing new renewable installations, as well as being able to choose between different schemes, which gives “legal certainty”. to investors.

In addition, PREPA has ensured that the proposal “correctly” identifies that the solution to high electricity prices is to bet on long-term investments in renewable energies such as wind power.

“If the measures it contains are corroborated by the European Parliament, we will obtain a framework for action conducive to continuing to grow in the deployment of renewable energies, which provides certainty in the long term, avoids retroactive measures and provides legal certainty”, assured the director General of PREPA, Juan Virgilio Márquez.