The consulting firm PwC has reached a strategic agreement with Harvey, a startup specializing in artificial intelligence, to incorporate this technology into the work of its legal professionals, as reported in a statement.

This alliance will give PwC access to a platform based on ‘OpenAI’ and ‘ChatGPT’ technologies that allow the automation and improvement of legal processes based on data analysis, natural language and machine learning.

Thus, the company’s professionals will be able to work with large volumes of data and identify solutions more quickly, always reviewing the results obtained with this tool.

With this strategic agreement, Harvey will provide PwC’s 4,000 professionals with access to artificial intelligence technologies, reaching 150 countries and covering various areas such as contract analysis, regulatory compliance, claims management, due diligence and other services. extensive advice and consultancy.

In addition, PwC and Harvey will work together to bring this tool to market to make it easier for clients to streamline their internal legal processes. PwC will also look to develop its own artificial intelligence models to create personalized products and services.

“Access to the Harvey startup platform is a great opportunity that will change the rules of the game for our professionals and for our clients,” said the partner responsible for PwC Tax

For his part, the co-founder and CEO of Harvey, Gabriel Pereyra, has assured that working with PwC “provides a unique opportunity to further enhance the potential of artificial intelligence to solve the most complex legal problems.”

PwC will present this agreement during the ‘New Law Summit’, an event that will be held on March 22 and 23 in Madrid and in which the digital solutions implemented in the tax and legal departments of companies will be shared.