The Minister of Families announced on Friday the addition of 2,500 new places in subsidized daycare.

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1,776 non-subsidized places will also be converted.

Mathieu Lacombe also reiterated his government’s commitment to create 37,000 childcare spaces by 2025.

An announcement that comes the day after the exit of the Federation of Early Childhood Workers of Quebec, which revealed Thursday that 54% of its members plan to welcome fewer children due to the withdrawal of a $3,000 financial incentive paid educational childcare providers who have maintained at least six subsidized places during the year.

“For family environments, we have increased their subsidies by 30%. So I think it’s way way more than $3000 a year. We have already paid a first $3,000. There was a much more generous agreement that came after and I think that in the end the educators in the family environment are more than winners, ”defends the Minister of the Family, Mathieu Lacombe.

“It’s like giving on one side and taking away on the other”

The Federation of Early Childhood Workers of Quebec (FIPEQ-CSQ) does not share the Minister’s opinion.

“Yes, we got some good gains. It was good teamwork with the Ministère de la Famille. Unfortunately, it is not because we have obtained gains that he must withdraw and renege on his promise of April 1, 2023”, replies the president of the Federation, Valérie Grenon.