Québec solidaire’s proposal to allow everyone to wear religious symbols is finally a wind of coherence in the Quebec political landscape.

Rather than a step back towards the years of domination of (Catholic) religion in all political spheres, we should see a trivialization of religious choices and individual spiritual practices.

Clothes don’t convert anyone

One of the main problems with the current Law 21, prohibiting the wearing of religious symbols by people said to be “in a position of authority”, is that it mainly discriminates against women who choose to wear the veil.

Why ? Because it is argued that the veil is a symbol of the oppression of Muslim women and that the mere sight of it would constitute dangerous proselytism for the fragile minds of our children.

If there were a grain of truth in this assertion, Quebec today would be populated mainly by priests and nuns since all children born before the Quiet Revolution were subjected to the sight of cassocks and veils throughout their education.

Let’s be consistent!

Of course, there will be some to say that the law is not discriminatory, that it targets all religions and that believers only have to remove their religious symbol if they want to obtain jobs to their liking. .

What I hope is that the candidates who say they are “against” the wearing of religious symbols will be asked what their position is on the right to abortion.

“Of course, that a woman can decide about her body, it is a sacred right! »

“Ah, but no, a woman can’t decide what to wear if she wants to work in a school, that’s indoctrination. »

Spare me the “You’re comparing apples and oranges”, a woman can decide for herself or she can’t.

If we exclude certain women from careers that they would like because of a personal choice, what will we deprive them of tomorrow?