The rental price has risen 8.4% in 2022, reaching 11.4 euros per square meter by the end of the year, a figure that exceeds that of the previous quarter by 2%, according to a report published by the portal idealistic real estate

The idealista spokesman, Francisco Iñareta, has pointed out the lack of supply as the main cause of the increase in rents, explaining that this is caused by the “insecurity that the owners feel in the face of evictions and occupations, and the measures that are taken or announce from the Government”.

Iñareta has reasoned that it is possible that this upward trend in rents will continue in 2023, although he has added that “the price level reached in some markets and the decrease in the purchasing power of tenants could cool the bleeding of the offer and the escalation in prices”.

Prices have increased this year in 48 Spanish capitals, and only Palencia (-4%), Córdoba (-0.3%) and Zamora (-0.1%) have registered slight falls.

Barcelona has presented an increase in the cost of renting 25.7%, being the capital in which prices have grown the most. Alicante (23.4%), Valencia (20.9%) and Malaga (20.7%) have also accumulated increases of more than 20%. Other large cities such as Madrid and Palma have registered increases close to 12%.

The city of Barcelona has been the most expensive capital to rent a home, with an average price that exceeded 19 euros per square meter, followed by San Sebastián and Madrid, in which the rent has been paid for more than 16 euros per square meter .

Zamora has been the capital with the cheapest rents, with 5.6 euros per square meter, and the cities of Ciudad Real, Ávila, Lugo, Cáceres and Palencia have been the following, with prices close to 6 euros per square meter.

All the Spanish autonomous communities have registered increases in the rental price this year, with the Valencian Community (15.8%), Catalonia (14.7%), the Balearic Islands (14.5%) and the Canary Islands (14.2% ) to the head. Andalusia (9.8%) and Madrid (9.6%) also accumulated increases close to 10%.

Girona has been the province in which prices have risen the most, with a variation of 25.7%. The increases registered in the provinces of Malaga (21.4%), Alicante (18.8%), Barcelona (16.5%) and Valencia (15.4%) have also been significant.

Navarra is the region in which prices have grown to a lesser extent, as they are now 3% higher than those of 2021, followed by Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla y León, with increases of slightly more than 4%.

Catalonia has been the Community with the most expensive rents, exceeding 15.5 euros per square meter. Prices above 10 euros per square meter have also been registered in Madrid, the Balearic Islands and the Basque Country, which have reached 14.9, 13.8 and 12.8 euros per square meter, respectively.

By provinces, the ranking was headed by Barcelona, ​​with prices of 16.5 euros per square meter, followed by Madrid, Guipúzcoa and the Balearic Islands, all three with rents close to or higher than 14 euros per square meter.

Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha and the Region of Murcia, with prices of 5.8, 6.1 and 7 euros per square meter, have been the cheapest regions in 2022.