The Russian Government has announced the lifting of restrictions imposed on the export of diesel fuel delivered to seaports through pipelines, provided that the manufacturing company has supplied at least 50% of the diesel fuel produced to the domestic market.

In this way, Russia partially eases the veto imposed a few weeks ago on fuel exports in order to stabilize the internal market, where the shortage of diesel had pushed up costs, causing a rise in prices around the world. .

Likewise, to avoid possible “gray exports”, the Government has announced that, following the lifting of current restrictions on the export of fuel outside the country, a protective tax on petroleum products has been introduced.

The amount of the tax applied will be 50,000 rubles (475 euros) per ton for third-party suppliers of petroleum products, those who buy them on the market to resell them later.

“Thus, the Government represses attempts by resellers to purchase fuel in advance for subsequent export once the current restrictions are lifted,” the Russian Government has indicated.