MADRID, Aug. 17 (EUROPA PRESS) – The services sector cut its billing by 0.7% last June compared to the same month in 2022, ending 27 months of year-on-year increases in billing, as reported this Thursday the National Statistics Institute (INE).

The setback registered in June was a consequence of the drop in trade sales, which billed 2.9% less than in the same month of 2022, due to the fact that wholesale trade cut its sales by 8.9% year-on-year. In contrast, the sale and repair of vehicles and motorcycles had a turnover of 13.7% more than in June 2022, and retail trade, 6.6% more.

For their part, other services increased their sales by 3.8% year-on-year in June, driven by the hospitality industry (9.8%), administrative activities (9.3%), professional activities (6.1%) and information and communications, which billed 5.4% more. On the other hand, transportation and storage sales fell by 4.6%.

Within the hotel industry, accommodation services increased their sales by 12.8%, while food and beverage services billed 8.2% more than in June 2022.

By activity, the greatest year-on-year increases in sales were recorded by travel agencies and tour operators (21.8%) and information services, which increased by 18.5%.

On the other hand, the greatest decreases corresponded to other specialized wholesale trade (-28.9%) and to film activities, television programs and music publishing (-27.1%).


By autonomous communities, eleven of them increased the billing of their services last June compared to the same month in 2022 and six cut it, especially Navarra (-6.8%), Madrid (-5.4%) and Castilla y Leon (-2%).

For their part, the greatest advances in sales occurred in the Balearic Islands (10.5%), Extremadura (4.7%), La Rioja (4.5%) and the Canary Islands (3.5%), while the smallest they were registered in the Basque Country (0.5%), and in Asturias and Castilla-La Mancha, both with year-on-year increases of 0.8%.

Corrected for the calendar and seasonal effect, the billing of the services sector fell by 0.9% in June in relation to the same month of 2022, a rate 1.6 points lower than that of May.

In the first six months of the year, sales of services accumulated an average increase of 4.8% (4.9% in the seasonally adjusted series), highlighting the increases in travel agencies (42.9%) and transport air (34.8%).


In monthly terms (June over May) and in seasonally and calendar-adjusted data, the services sector registered a monthly decrease in sales of 1.1% in the sixth month of the year, its biggest monthly decline since December 2022.

Commerce exclusively contributed to this decrease, which reduced its sales by 1.7%, compared to the stagnation experienced by other services despite the strong rebound in the hotel industry, whose sales in the month at a seasonally adjusted rate increased by 1.5% due to the start of the summer tourist season.

Within the seasonally adjusted series, the activities that registered the greatest monthly increases in their billing were information services (17.8%); film activities, television programs and music publishing (15.8%), and food and beverage services (3.2%).

On the opposite side, the activities that cut sales the most compared to the previous month were storage and activities related to transportation (-7%); travel agencies (-6.4%) and technical architecture and engineering services (-2.8%).


For the twenty-seventh consecutive month, employment in the services sector grew last June, and it did so at an interannual rate of 2%, a rate one tenth higher than that of May.

Specifically, within the services sector, employment rose 2% year-on-year in commerce and 1.9% in other services.

The greatest rises in employment compared to June 2022 occurred in information and communications (4.4%), transport and storage (3.4%) and professional activities (2.7%) and only administrative activities cut staff, with a year-on-year drop in employment of 0.1%.

In monthly terms, employment in the services sector increased by 1.1% after increasing by 1.1% in commerce and increasing by 1.2% in other services.


The annual rate of employment in the services sector increased compared to June 2022 in all the autonomous communities.

The Balearic Islands, with an increase of 5.9%, recorded the highest year-on-year increase in employment in services last June, followed by Murcia (3.4%), Madrid (2.8%) and the Canary Islands (2. 6%).

The most moderate increases in employment occurred in Cantabria (0.5%), Comunidad Valenciana (0.6%) and Aragón (0.7%).