The Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Óscar Puente, will take the processing of the Sustainable Mobility Law to one of the first Councils of Ministers next February, with the aim of definitively approving it before the end of 2024.

At a breakfast organized by Nueva Economía Fórum, the minister explained that the law was already in its final stages of processing last year, but the early call for elections prevented its final approval.

Therefore, despite admitting that he would have done it differently, he will re-present it as it was initially drafted, for subsequent approval quickly and “practically”, since the seventh delivery of European funds to Spain depends , among other things, of the entry into force of this law.

Therefore, the objective is to approve it before December 30 of this year, the deadline set within the framework of the delivery of European funds. To do this, it will go to the Council of Ministers in the first or second week of February.

“I would do it differently, but we have a complex Parliament and it is difficult to make changes. Its parliamentary processing will be carried out from a realistic perspective, with consensus. Therefore, we are going to be practical and it will be approved before December of this year. Spain is one of the few EU countries without a sustainable mobility law,” explained the minister.