The Investigations Unit of the “Portrait-robot” series has moved its household to another section of the building, but fans of the Club illico crime thriller can be reassured: the new premises remain vintage and glaucous, as if frozen in time.

A few days before the end of the filming of the second season, the QMI Agency was able to visit the set and meet the main actors as well as the director Alexis Durant-Brault.

The latter, who wanted from the start to wink at the photography and the atmosphere of the film “Seven”, by David Fincher, speaks of an “even more tense” sequel this fall on the Videotron platform. .

“There is more tension and it’s even more surprising,” said Alexis Durand-Brault. It’s more twisted in the stories, in the way they are told and in Eve’s abilities. She has a little witchy side that we decided to exploit even more.

Ève, this bipolar forensic portraitist endowed with special talents, which allow her to reconstruct the faces of criminals by working with victims, is camped with great talent by Rachel Graton. We remember that at the end of the first season, Eve learned that her son William, who had been missing for five years, was still alive.

“Eve was at home postpartum, something happened and she lost William, but that’s not how she thought,” said the actress, recalling that it was strongly suggested to viewers that Eve had put his son in danger.

Eve may have forgotten what happened due to her fragile mental health and concluded that it was an abduction. “Are we able to define ourselves other than by what we have experienced and by our mistakes? Does everything we’ve been through guide who we are? It’s really an important line for all the characters this season,” said Rachel Graton.

In the 10 new episodes, Eve takes charge. “She seeks to see clearly and to move forward” despite the guilt that eats away at her. Will she find William and is it the father of the child, James (Brett Donahue), or the parents of the latter who would have snatched the little one from his mother?

For her part, Maryse Ferron (Sophie Lorain), the boss of the Unit, is looking for who attacked her. “She was savagely beaten in the last episode. She returns to work to elucidate what happened, ”said his interpreter.

Rémy Girard is also happy to find Bernard “Molossian” Dupin, an investigator from the old school, adapting expeditious methods and disconcerting outspokenness. “Everything he says is not so true, Bernard plays a gruff character. More touching things are going to happen with him this season. He is 70 years old and he has never said I love you to anyone. Maybe he’ll find love eventually.”

Could it be with Élektra with whom Bernard has already had rapprochements? Again, we don’t want to spoil anything. “I love playing Elektra! She is now an integral part of the team and does research, ”revealed Kathleen Fortin, who portrays this woman with lipstick and colored nails.

And Anto, he must learn to live with his “demons”, said the one who lends him his features, Adrien Belugou. “Anto develops a romantic relationship with a guy who works in offices. It is to learn to love and to love himself with his demons, he who killed Jon-E-Zee [Émile Schneider] to defend Ève and Bernard.

Juliette Gosselin was on set on Wednesday. She plays a pop star who gets attacked at the end of a show. “She is not necessarily happy in this life of excess, she is alone and wary,” said the actress, who will play in the theater for the first time in her life, next November at the TNM.

The second season episodes of “Portrait-robot” will be available on Club illico this fall.