The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, acknowledged this Monday that there are “different visions” within the Executive regarding the unemployment benefit reform, but he has agreed that in the end there will be an agreement.

This is how Sánchez responded in an interview with the SER channel collected by Europa Press when asked about the clash between the Ministries of Labor and the Economy over this reform.

“I am convinced of an agreement, because it is also a commitment that we have with Brussels. That is, the fourth payment of these European funds, which is another 10,000 million euros, also requires this reform,” recalled the head of the Executive.

Sánchez has stressed that there are elements of the subsidy reform on which “everyone” agrees, such as the need to expand coverage “to ages under 50” and to promote the requalification of the unemployed over 50 years of age to that they can re-enter the labor market.

“I believe that we are going to reach an agreement there (…) I am convinced that we will reach a new, very important structural reform in terms of social justice and economic efficiency,” he remarked.