Social Security lost an average of 3,365 foreign affiliates in July, 0.1% less than the previous month, with which the seventh month of the year closed with 2,695,240 immigrant workers registered in the system.

With the decline in July, the average affiliation of foreigners puts an end to five consecutive months of rises, which led the total number of employed foreigners to reach a record figure of 2,698,604 average contributors last June.

Of the total number of contributing foreigners at the end of July, 55.6% were men and 44.4% women, as reported this Thursday by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations.

In seasonally adjusted terms, the affiliation of foreigners to Social Security rose by 7,308 contributors in July, to a total of 2,614,921 employed, 425,500 more than before the arrival of the pandemic.