Spain is the short and medium distance destination with the most reservations in the Dertour Group, former Der Touristik, for the winter season, which ends at the end of April, and the third for the summer season, as highlighted in a release.

Thus, our country is above competitors in the German market such as Egypt, Germany itself, Italy or Turkey until the month of April. The general increase in reservations for this period grows 24% more compared to winter 2023.

Regarding long-haul destinations in winter, the Middle East leads the number of sales, in regions such as the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Oman, followed by the countries of the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean, Thailand and North America.

Regarding summer holidays, in which Dertour foresees a significant increase in sales of 30% compared to the 2023 season, Spain is the third short and medium distance destination with the most reservations, behind Greece and Turkey , but ahead of Tunisia and Egypt.

On the other hand, the countries of the Indian Ocean are the first in sales to spend the summer season long distance. They are followed by North America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Thailand.

For Dertour Group Central Europe CEO Ingo Burmester, “after a year of significant growth in the travel market, we are seeing pent-up travel demand continue.”