One thought on the side of Virton that there was more than the legal struggle to reclaim a place in D1B, which would feed in to the conversations. It was without counting on the info output is this Friday evening by the “Antwerp gazette” announcing that the CBAS had to order this famous Virton – Beerschot replay !

Small reminder of the facts. On the 25th of January last, Virton received the Beerschot for a top match between two candidates for the gain of the second phase period classic D1B. During a match, closed the Virtonais have made the difference in the 75th minute following a goal a controversial Brazilian Ribeiro. In fact, on a phase stopped, while the referee Mr. Denil traced the line to the “vanishing spray” to keep the wall of the Rats at a distance, Raphaël Lecomte has decided to play quickly to Lucas Ribeiro who, by taking up to two times, fighting Vanhamel to register the only goal of the game.