Manchester City has not done in the detail in the face to Liverpool on Thursday by winning 4-0 in the duel at the top of this 32nd day of the Premier League. Kevin De Bruyne, who played the whole match, opened the score on penalty kick and had the assist on the third goal for the Skyblues. Divock Original is mounted to the game in the 62nd for the Reds.

The game started on a very high pace with the attempts of both sides, including a strike from Mohamed Salah, who has finished on the pole of Ederson. In the 25th minute of the game, Joe Gomez was guilty of a foul on Sterling in the rectangle. The referee did not hesitate to whistle a penalty, which would be turned a few seconds later by Kevin De Bruyne. This is the first goal in the red Devil in the face of the Reds, his 11th in the Premier League this season.