Target Pride Collection Returns with Changes After Controversy

Target is making adjustments to its LGBTQ-friendly Pride collection this year, offering a significantly reduced assortment of products compared to last year. The decision comes after the retailer faced backlash and boycotts over its Pride merchandise.

Last year, Target featured over 2,000 items in its Pride collection. However, following criticism and boycotts, the retailer has scaled back to just 75 products. The company has also toned down the flamboyant nature of the items, reflecting a shift in strategy.

Customers expressed outrage over certain products in last year’s collection, including “tuck-friendly” swimsuits for transgender individuals and rainbow-themed children’s clothing with LGBTQ-friendly slogans. Target faced pressure from conservative groups and eventually removed some items from its inventory.

In response to the controversy, Target has decided to limit the availability of its Pride collection, offering select stores the adult apparel and home goods based on historical sales performance. This move marks a departure from the retailer’s previous strategy of widespread distribution.

The impact of the boycotts and negative publicity has been felt by Target, with recent earnings falling short of expectations. Comparable sales have declined for the fourth consecutive quarter, reflecting a challenging retail environment.

While Target grapples with these challenges, competitors like Walmart have begun promoting their own Pride collections for the upcoming Pride month. The retail landscape continues to evolve as companies navigate social issues and consumer preferences.