It estimates that at the end of 2025 it will have its own resources worth 500 million euros


Técnicas Reunidas expects to multiply its operating result (Ebit) by more than two in the coming years, reaching around 380 million euros in 2028, compared to 157 million at the end of 2023, and will recover the dividend in 2026, with a initial pay-out of 30%.

According to the company, the recovery of its financial strength will allow it to proceed in 2026 with the repayment of the debt to the State Society of Industrial Participations (SEPI) and the return to the payment of dividends.

In principle, Técnicas Reunidas estimates that the pay-out will reach 30% in 2026, but its objective is to reach the levels of shareholder remuneration of the past.

The company has reformulated its strategy for the next five years under the name ‘Salta’, “focusing on more profitable growth, with higher margins and lower risk.”

The company, which is celebrating its “Capital Markets Day” in Abu Dhabi today and tomorrow, expects that sales linked to its Engineering and Services activity will represent 10% of total turnover in 2028. This will allow it to increase the Ebit margin on sales by 8%, doubling the 4% margin with which it closed 2023.

Técnicas Reunidas expects that its total sales will approach 5,000 million euros in 2026 and exceed this amount in 2028 and that its net result will exceed 160 million euros by 2026.

In addition, the company’s new business objectives aim to reach approximately 500 million euros of own resources by the end of 2025, excluding the SEPI participatory loan.

Looking ahead to 2028, Técnicas Reunidas wants to consolidate the new services unit above 500 million euros in sales, with a contribution of 30% of the results generated by operations, and increase the Ebit margin to around 8%.

With the launch of Salta, Técnicas Reunidas will establish a new internal organization model based on the creation of five business units: Engineering and Services, Energy, North America, Europe

“These five business units will allow for greater closeness and relationships with clients, stricter risk segregation and control, and better talent retention,” as highlighted by the company in a communication to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). ).

The company expects to complete the implementation of this new organization model during the second half of 2024, so it will be in operation in 2025.