By his own admission, Gabriel Sabourin watched “much, much too much” television when he was a child. But you have to understand the actor, because she had a real power of attraction over him.

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Gabriel, what children’s programs have marked you?

Bobino, of course, because he was always there for us. La Ribouldingue, for the madness, the freedom, and for my dad whom I love [Marcel Sabourin, NDLR] who played Professor Mandible there. Fanfreluche, for the stories of Kim Yaroshevskaya. Also, Pippi Longstocking. It was a Swedish series, I think, very irreverent.

What are your fondest childhood TV memories?

When I was 7 or 8 years old, my parents decided to take the TV away from me and my brothers and store it in the basement so that we could do something else with our time. On the other hand, they paid us the cinema as long as we wanted. We only took it out for the hockey playoffs. These were the great years of our Glorious, so each time, it was electrifying. It made us great supporters, and great lovers of cinema.

Did you watch a lot of TV when you were young?

Much, much too much. That’s why my parents decided to take it away from us. I was really fascinated by TV. Its absence (stored in the cellar) further forged my fascination for this medium. I like. To move from one universe to another, to come across a documentary about a subject that is completely unknown to me, to discover. Which the web, I must say, fails to do.

Is there a character who influenced you?

I would say Pippi Longstocking. Eh yes. She lived alone in a big house with her horse and her little monkey, had a big trunk filled with gold coins, left by her pirate father, and went to buy candy at the store whenever she wanted. This Swedish series with its very realistic Bergman style fascinated me.

What universe would you like the children to discover?

I believe that the madness and freedom of a program like La Ribouldingue would do good for the younger generations who are in a much more educational universe than I was. Which isn’t bad in itself, but it’s good to be crazy sometimes.

▶ We can see Gabriel Sabourin in the sequel to Cerebrum from June 16 on ICI Extra. He will also be in the cast of the second season of the series Turbulent Waters, which began filming in early May.