The Official State Gazette (BOE) publishes this Wednesday the dismissal of Francisco Polo as High Commissioner for Spain Entrepreneurial Nation after suppressing this body on the grounds that the objectives that led to its creation three years ago have been met.

This body, which reported directly to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, was created in January 2020 to promote and coordinate actions for the development of the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy.

Among other initiatives, during the three years of life of the High Commissioner, the Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy has been launched, which includes 50 measures to make Spain, by 2030, an entrepreneurial and innovative nation that attracts investment and talent.

The priority measures contemplated in said Strategy have already been deployed, among them, the Startups Law; the Female Entrepreneurship Attraction Program or the creation of the brand for Spain as an Entrepreneurial Nation ‘Spain Up Nation’.

Likewise, today’s BOE includes the dismissal of Carolina Rodríguez as director of the Office of the High Commissioner for Spain Entrepreneurial Nation and the appointment of Diego Rubio as director of the new National Office of Foresight and Country Strategy of the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Government .