It’s never too early to start your bucket list. In any case, not if your name is Arjuna Boucher-Pertuisot, Anne-Marie Gourgues or Samuel Roy. The three friends who are in their twenties have traveled across Canada to fulfill dreams and take on challenges that they hope will inspire many.

During the 13 episodes of the TV novelty The Butterfly Effect, which will be broadcast from June 6 at 6:30 p.m. on Unis TV, the young adventurers have not skimped on the physical and mental efforts from start to finish. other of the country.

In front of the cameras, they wanted to accomplish feats that require strength, agility and endurance such as swimming across the Gulf of St. Lawrence – from Percé to Bonaventure Island – or even climbing a giant tree to settle at 180 feet of the ground.

They have also concretely improved living environments, such as when they built a play module for children in just two days and rolled up their sleeves to clean up a forest.

A sea of ​​emotions

Obviously, with a project of this magnitude – which included no less than 39 challenges – comes a large dose of emotions.

“Sam and I challenge each other a lot. We are real “crinqués”, both in the open air and elsewhere, says Arjuna Boucher-Pertuisot. The first one we did was to dive more than 15 meters high. »

The experience of a lifetime that the young man lived was marked by all the activities he took part in with his friends, but also by all those “super inspirational” people he had the privilege of meeting. And it is a message of self-confidence and perseverance that Arjuna wishes to send to anyone who wants to take a look at this new production.

” Beyond its limits ; that’s what The Butterfly Effect is for. I hope the message this will send to everyone is “don’t limit yourself. Believe in your dreams, set goals and objectives, and go for it”. At worst, you’ll screw up and start over. »

In addition to being offered on TV, the series will be available on Beginning of the adventure: June 6.