The bill for the management of the Common Agrarian Policy (PAC) will return next week to the Congress of Deputies for final approval with the expectation that it will be published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) during the month of December.

Specifically, the Lower House will deliberate next Thursday on the different amendments introduced in the Senate to the bill. Among the different amendments is one from the PP so that products from third countries that are consumed in Spain meet the same requirements as those obtained in the European Union, as well as another, also from the ‘popular’ ones, to guarantee participation in the carbon dioxide (CO2) market of the agricultural sector.

The text also allows small and micro-farms to burn plant remains in the terms in which they did until the approval of the waste law last April. Specifically, the PDeCAT amendment deleted section three of article 27 of Law 7/2022, of April 8, on waste and contaminated soil for a circular economy.

The PDeCAT proposal was approved in Congress, but the PSOE presented an amendment in the Senate to once again restrict the burning of remains. Finally, the socialist group agreed to negotiate the terms of this veto and the restriction will not apply to small and micro farms.

Among other notable amendments is one of Junts y Compromís so that, in the context of the war in Ukraine, the Government transfers to the community institutions the need to review the roadmap and the chronology of the achievement of the objectives of the European Mechanism of Recovery and Resilience and the European Green Deal and its strategies, so that these do not undermine food security and the viability of EU farms.