Accuses the company of applying 2024 taxation to 2023 consumption, which Endesa says it corrects in subsequent invoices


The Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda of the Generalitat of Catalonia has opened disciplinary proceedings against two distributors of the Endesa energy group – Endesa Energía y Energía XXI Reference Retailer – for incorrect billing in delayed receipts of 82,000 customers, they have reported. this Tuesday to Europa Press the Generalitat and company sources.

The Catalan Executive has detected that the company applies the 2024 tax levels to 2023 consumption – when they were lower – and has estimated between 30 and 75 euros the compensation per monthly invoice that it must offer to those affected.

Company sources have blamed the delays in collection on “the profound and continuous regulatory changes”, have explained that the application of taxation is automatic and have assured that they compensate for the extra cost in subsequent invoices.

While today the electricity tax to be applied is 2.5% and the VAT will be 10% or 21% depending on the price of energy in the wholesale market, in 2023 the electricity tax to be applied was 0 .5% and VAT of 5%.

Previously, the Generalitat opened two information files that concluded with sending requirements to both distributors to regularize the situation.