The company Vitaly was born as a result of the merger between Cualtis and Grupo Preving, as a specialist in occupational health, and which will protect a population of some two million people.

Thus, five months after the merger between Cualtis and Grupo Preving, the new identity of the resulting company is known, which will be called ‘Vitaly’, and is defined as “the sum that multiplies”, since “without a doubt, it will mark the beginning of this new stage together”.

In this way, Vitaly is born as a leading entity that will invoice more than 220 million euros, will have more than 3,500 workers, more than 127,000 clients and will protect a workforce of two million people.

This new company has a national service infrastructure, made up of 283 centers of its own, 110 mobile units for carrying out medical examinations, 23 mobile units for practical training and 15 specialized centers for advanced training.

Therefore, Vitaly is the result of a “complex and meticulous work process”, in which the Presidency of both companies have participated, as well as the CEOs, management personnel and external advisors through a Work Commission created for this purpose.

This new identity, under the name ‘Vitaly’, consists of an “innovative strategy, sharing the idea of ​​building a common and joint future, without clinging to the past”, but rescuing enough of it, “orienting the new company towards Health”.

In this sense, the design of the new company logo combines both the colorimetric ranges and the fonts of both companies, “thus creating a new design of its own, highly differentiating”, as Vitaly explains in a press release.

With this objective in mind, this new Vitaly company was born, which under the motto ‘Prevention, health, tranquility’, is committed to transmitting to people, clients and collaborators this new path together that is now beginning.