An agreement in principle has been reached between Quebec and the Association of Dental Surgeons (ACDQ), ministers Sonia Lebel and Christian Dubé announced Friday morning in a press release.

The details of the agreement will not be made public until the ACDQ, which represents 4,300 dental surgeons, has presented the offer to its members.

The press release nevertheless indicates that the negotiated measures make it possible “to fully recognize the contribution of dentists while promoting accessibility to health care in collaboration with other stakeholders in the health and social services network. »

“I am very pleased with this mutually satisfactory agreement for the parties and I salute their remarkable efforts to bring it to a conclusion. Our dentists are important and guarantee access to quality care and services for all citizens of Quebec,” said the President of the Treasury Board, Sonia Lebel.

“The health of Quebecers also depends on oral health. Our dentists are important partners in the healthcare system. I would like to thank them for their work,” added the Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubé.