The Secretary of State for Social Security and Pensions, Borja Suárez, has met with the social partners to resume dialogue on various matters within their competence, with the aim of starting to work in the direction set at the meeting on December 18 .

Suárez has highlighted that social dialogue is “the hallmark of the ministry” and has assured that they will continue to make progress in achieving consensus. “The meeting has been very productive and the table has agreed to meet again in the coming days,” the Government commented.

Thus, the work plan has been addressed for issues such as the review of the procedure for the coefficients reducing the retirement age in arduous or dangerous activities, which will incorporate objective indicators for their determination, as well as the development of the agreements of the Agreement for the Employment and Collective Bargaining, in relation to Temporary Disability.

The meeting was attended on behalf of the social agents by the director of Labor Relations of CEOE, Rosa Santos; the director of the Socio-labor department of Cepyme, Teresa Díaz de Terán; the secretary of Public Policies and Social Protection of CCOO, Carlos Bravo, and the deputy secretary general of Union Policy of UGT, Fernando Luján, among others.