The Secretary of State for the European Union, Fernando Sampedro, said this Monday that the Government is following with “concern” the protests of French farmers that include blocking the passage of Spanish trucks, which is why it is in contact with the authorities of the neighboring country to “guarantee the safety” of Spanish transporters and their goods.

“We are in contact with the French authorities to guarantee the safety of Spanish carriers, the safety of Spanish goods and the prompt restoration of freedom of movement,” Sampedro declared in statements to the press in Brussels, where he is attending to a meeting of EU general affairs ministers.

“We appreciate that the French authorities have made a call to avoid violence,” added the Secretary of State, who has not responded, however, to how the Government assesses Sunday’s statements by the Prime Minister of France, Gabriel Attal, in which suggested that more lax rules apply in neighboring countries.

According to various local media, Attal stated on Sunday during a visit to an agricultural production that the French Executive is studying measures to confront “unfair competition” from other countries.

“It is not normal that (French farmers) cannot use certain products that neighboring countries do use and their goods then arrive here,” said Attal, in a message in which he did not name countries but which have been interpreted as veiled references to Spain. and Italy.