This rate seeks to place the structural temporary rate below 8%.


The Government approved this Wednesday in the Council of Ministers a Royal Decree approving an additional rate of stabilization of temporary employment in the General State Administration, which will incorporate a total of 884 positions.

Specifically, of the total, 793 positions will be for officials of the General State Administration, from bodies A1 (73), A2 (224), C1 (8) and C2 (488). Another position corresponds to staff of Penitentiary Institutions.

The rest correspond to statutory staff positions. Thus, there will be 77 places corresponding to the Hospital Network of the Ministry of Defense, adding medical personnel, non-medical personnel and management and service personnel.

The remaining 13 are part of the statutory staff of the Ministry of Health, both the National Institute of Health Management (Ingesa) and the National Transplant Organization.

The selection system for the additional stabilization rate processes provided for in the Royal Decree will be the competition system, which must be called and resolved by each ministerial department, and the calls derived from this additional stabilization rate must be resolved before the December 31, 2024.

The norm approved in the Council of Ministers this Wednesday is related to the General Administration of the State and, with it, seeks to guarantee throughout the territory the right of access to stabilization processes under conditions of equality, with the criteria provided for in said Royal Decree-Law 5/2023, as reported by the Ministry of Finance in a statement.

This complies with the spirit of Law 20/2021, which aims to place the structural temporary employment rate below 8% in all Spanish Public Administrations, in line with the commitments in the Recovery, Transformation and Recovery Plan. Resilience (PRTR).

The public employment offer that is approved, whose principles are in line with what is established in the Basic Statute of Public Employees, has been prepared after verification with the different ministerial departments of the volume of temporary employment susceptible to stabilization.

Likewise, it is a measure agreed upon with the unions, since it has been negotiated in the Technical Commission on Temporality and Employment of the General State Administration and also has the agreement of the UGT and CCOO unions within the General Negotiation Table of the General Administration of the State, held on December 22.

“With these calls for stabilization, together with the unprecedented public employment offers that have been held in recent years, the aim is to continue strengthening public services, reinforcing the workforce of public employees that has been depleted for so many years. after years of cuts,” they have pointed out from the Ministry of Finance.