The Rental Negotiating Agency (ANA) affirms that the new Housing Law will cause a “drastic” reduction of the offer in the rental market, among other twelve “undesired effects” that the organization has detected.

The general director of ANA, José Ramón Zurdo, has affirmed that the new Housing Law is going to be “disastrous”, not only for landlords, but also for investors, promoters and the tenants themselves.

Lefty adds that these “negative effects” on the rental market have already been observed during the last two years with the decree laws that have been approved.

ANA explains that all the measures contained in the law “go against lessors and investors”, who are the only ones who can generate an offer. It also points out that it will negatively affect real estate developers and that the number of limitations imposed will cause investors to “not get the numbers”.

The organization includes as another possible negative effect the disappearance of some real estate agencies that are dedicated to the rental market, since “they will not be able to charge their fees to the tenants.” They point out, in turn, that one of the possible options will be to charge these fees to the lessors.

After the implementation of the law, legal uncertainty could increase in the face of a landlord having to recover his home due to non-payment by a tenant, as also pointed out in the note published this Tuesday by ANA.

In addition, tenants could also be harmed by the limitations imposed on landlords, as they could “enormously toughen” the requirements for access to the housing they offer.

ANA points out that the Housing Law could lead the rental market to move towards other types, such as tourism or premises, and there will be a transfer to buying and selling.

There is also the possibility of “economic and social inequalities” occurring between areas and autonomous communities that want to apply the new regulations or not.