The Ibex 35 has closed the session this Thursday with a fall of 0.45%, for which it has stood at 9,423.2 points, in a session in which the main reference for investors has been the inflation data China, whose year-on-year rate stood at 1% last February.

This figure represents a substantial moderation from the 2.1% price rise in January and the slowest rate of increase in the cost of living since February 2022. However, China’s National Statistical Office (NSO) has warned of the impact on February inflation of seasonal factors such as decreased consumer demand after the Lunar New Year celebrations.

However, the markets are still waiting to know tomorrow’s official employment report in the United States, after the president of the Federal Reserve (Fed), Jerome Powell, transferred yesterday before the Congress of the North American country that the amount of The next rate hike –scheduled for March 22nd– has not yet been decided and it will be precisely the employment data that will be released tomorrow and the inflation data, which will be published next week, that will mark the next step . Investors, however, discount a new rise of 50 basis points.

Only seven of the 35 stocks that make up the selective have finished the day in ‘green’, led by Fluidra (1.24%), Enagás (0.88%), Inditex (0.62%) and Solaria (0.60 %).

On the other hand, Colonial was the value that fell the most this Thursday (-3.54%), ahead of Merlin (-3.19%), Meliá (-3%), Grifols (-2.92%) and Unicaja Banco (-1.74%).

Regarding the rest of the European markets, only Frankfurt closed positively, with a slight rise of 0.01%. Paris ended the session falling 0.12% and Milan, 0.72%. Thus, the Euro Stoxx 50 fell 0.05%, while the British FTSE 100 fell 0.63%.

Likewise, a barrel of Brent has appreciated by 0.38%, up to 82.95 dollars, while West Texas Intermediate stood at 76.98 dollars, 0.37% more.

The yield in the secondary debt markets of the Spanish bond with a maturity of 10 years stood at 3.645% at the end of the session, slightly below the 3.663% on Wednesday. In this way, the risk premium has dropped one and a half points compared to the previous day, to 100.2 basis points.

In the foreign exchange market, the euro has appreciated by 0.27% against the dollar, although it still has not recovered the 1.06 ‘greenbacks’. Specifically, the community currency has been located at an exchange rate of 1.0574 dollars.