The technology company has “satisfactorily” concluded the negotiations related to the Employment Regulation File (ERE) that it maintained with the works committee, which will finally affect 17 workers and will become effective this Thursday, December 21, according to a statement. this Monday to BME Growth.

The firm has detailed that the savings obtained in the ERE in the parent company, as well as the adjustments made to personnel and operating expenses, both in subsidiaries and in the parent company, are estimated to be around 1.38 million euros.

In this sense, the company indicated last week in a webinar that the ERE would affect a maximum of 29 workers at the Lleida and Madrid centers, although the figure has finally been reduced to 17 affected.

The ERE is part of the technology company’s “comprehensive” restructuring plan in response to the 20% decline in its sales during the first three quarters of this year.

The measures also include the reduction of personnel in its subsidiaries and branches in Colombia and Peru, the closure of several subsidiaries and a new financial policy.