The Zaragoza Expo Bridge Pavilion, the work of the renowned Iranian architect Zaha Hadid, opens its doors this Monday, February 20, converted into Mobility City, an international benchmark for sustainable mobility of the future. It has had an investment close to seven million euros and the opening ceremony will be attended by King Felipe VI.

It will also house the Mobility Museum, the first technological mobility museum that will offer visitors experiences, discoveries, interactive activities, exhibitions and striking proposals.

This project, promoted by Fundación Ibercaja, with the support of the Government of Aragon, aims to become the main technological and informative platform around sustainable mobility, as well as its development and innovation at an international level.

Mobility City has the support of more than 50 entities related to mobility, such as the automotive, telecommunications, energy and logistics sectors; or local and state institutions, such as research institutes, associations and universities.

The investment is around seven million euros. For its part, the Government of Aragon has collaborated actively and ceded the space of its location to Fundación Ibercaja in September 2022, with no end date for the agreement, and has also contributed 3,700,000 euros, an amount similar to that allocated by Ibercaja Foundation.

This space has a covered area of ​​2,700 square meters, with four different areas. Firstly, one dedicated to the future of mobility, which will be publicly accessible and will show the progress and potential of the products and services of the associated companies, as a showcase for innovative proposals.

Another will house temporary exhibitions, with an area of ​​1,100 square meters, in which the purpose is to represent the mobility of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The first sample reviews the evolution of the automobile world, from the unique pieces of the beginnings, to the futuristic ‘concept cars’, including the offer of the current market.

On the other hand, taking into account the intention of promoting interactivity, an entertainment area has been designed that will impact the emotion and awareness of visitors, with proposals aimed at transmitting messages of responsibility and respect for the environment.

The multifunction environment, also with public access, is designed for activities and events of all kinds, both professional and popular, that is, family workshops, industry presentations, awards or presentations by associates.

It will be aimed at the general public, with an experiential content, and at the professional public, providing a meeting place for experts in the sector, as well as inspiration, identification, resolution, design and construction of the needs of sustainable mobility.

The Bridge Pavilion will be open in the morning and afternoon, from Tuesday to Sunday, preserving its function of linking the two banks. The capacity is limited to 900 people and will be controlled by a sensor system. It will be opened to the general public in March, within the framework of the popular Zaragoza festival of ‘Cincomarzada’.