Québec solidaire has come out in favor of Bill 96, which supposedly aims to strengthen the protection of the French language.

Although they voted for this law, which is far from guaranteeing the end of the decline of the French language in Quebec, the deputies Nadeau-Dubois and Massé hastened to say that they would suspend certain provisions of it, if QS formed the next government.

QS’s darting hardly surprises me considering their past actions. I have seen this myself in the exercise of a mandate of conciliation entrusted by the separatist parties.

It is reasonable to wonder about the true nature of the project supported by the qsists when we observe their lack of coherence on fundamental questions for Quebec.

Between distrust and anger

Some doubt the integrity of politicians. Others are angry with what they call the elite. Most of these people cry out for misinformation and shout down the traditional media, preferring to lock themselves into the algorithms of social networks.

We can deplore this situation and rail against the conspirators, but let’s not forget that the behavior of our politicians fuels their rantings.

The Legault government remains the great champion in pretense by reciting to the people what they want to hear without taking effective actions that would meet their aspirations.

Its inclination for “fiarty” is similar to that of the ultra-right for “libarty”, in this case the use of words dispossessed of their true meaning.

The clone

QS is in the same vein as the caquists for pretense. Their prevarications on the protection of the language or on open secularism illustrate their desire to seduce the electorate at all costs, even if it means saying the thing and its opposite.

If “Louisianization” is watching us, it will not be the CAQ or QS that will prevent it!