The PP’s Economy Coordinator, Juan Bravo, has criticized that the extension of public transport bonuses that will be included in the new anti-crisis decree is for the entire population and does not discriminate based on income criteria.

The generalized transport aid was born from an agreement between PSOE and Sumar, since the initial idea was that the aid would only be for minors, young people and the unemployed. In addition to this measure, the decree will also foreseeably increase the VAT on electricity and gas from 5% to 10%.

“From what we know, it seems that those who earn the most will pay less for transportation and those who have the least will pay more for electricity,” Juan Bravo reproached in a message published on the social network X, formerly known as Twitter.

Bravo recalled that on Tuesday he requested a meeting with the Ministers of Finance and Ecological Transition to agree on tax and energy measures to be included in this new omnibus decree.

“They did not consider that meeting necessary,” said the economic coordinator of the PP, who has stressed that the VAT on energy will be doubled and the train will be free “also for the rich.” “We do not share that model,” Bravo stressed.